About Tammy Lynch

Serving The Community

Tammy is a lifelong resident of Ottawa who was raised in Nepean and attended Algonquin College’s Business School. Following her formal education, Tammy began her career in the private sector as a proofreader and quality assurance controller for a local engineering firm.

Soon after marrying her husband Robin, and having two boys who are now 22 and 24, she moved into Chapel Hill South in 1999 and began her extensive involvement as a community volunteer.

While her kids were in elementary school, at Good Shepherd in Blackburn Hamlet, she started volunteering in the classroom and in the office. She then joined the parent council and got involved planning family events as well as organizing the hot lunch program. Tammy also worked alongside the school principal creating the Christmas toy hamper program for less fortunate families in the school community.

Both Tammy and her husband were devoted volunteers with the Blackburn Minor Hockey Association (BMHA). Her husband assisted with the Initiation Program and was head coach for their youngest son's team from Novice to Midget while Tammy sat on the BMHA board. Her first position was as a Convenor, whose task it was to form teams and provide assistance and guidance to teams throughout the season. She later took on the position of Vice-President of Hockey Operations for 8 years. In that role, she was responsible for all activities related to teams. This included overseeing division Convenors, interviewing new coaches, holding coaches meetings, and taking on duties of the President in his absence.


  Tammy  has been working for the current Innes Ward Councillor as the Director of  Community Relations until taking an unpaid leave of absence to run for City  Council. Tammy found this role to be most rewarding as it allowed her to engage  more closely with the Innes Ward community to learn what important issues needed  to be addressed.

Tammy attended countless community events and regular meetings with the five Innes Ward community associations - Blackburn Community Association, Chapel Hill South Community Association, Chapel Hill North Community Association, Chateauneuf Community Association and Bradley Estates Community Association.

Tammy met on a regular basis with the Heart of Orleans Business Improvement Association (BIA) and gained a better understanding of business concerns within the Innes Ward.

Tammy staffed the Innes Ward Community office and was available to address issues from Innes Ward residents dropping in.

Additionally, Tammy was responsible for planning several community events in Innes Ward such as Family Skate Days and BBQs.