The Candidate

Serving The Community

Tammy was born and raised in Ottawa and is very passionate about the Innes Ward community that she has been a part of for many years.


Tammy has been working for the City of Ottawa as Director of Community Relations  for Innes Ward since the current Councillor took office in 2014. 


Since  the announcement by the current Innes Ward Councillor  that  he would not seek re-election, Tammy has taken an unpaid leave of absence from  her job to devote her time campaigning to becoming the next Councillor for Innes  Ward. 

Tammy is looking forward to continuing to serve the needs of the Innes Ward community and is counting on your support.

Tammy's Platform

Road Improvements

I am committed to ensuring better roads for Innes Ward residents. As Councillor, I will encourage residents to report any road issue to the Innes Ward Office so that I can ensure timely repairs for all reported issues such as potholes. 

In collaboration with community associations and residents, I will work hard to ensure the City budget includes more funding for re-surfacing roads in Innes Ward that are beyond repair.

Smart Development

As Councillor, I will actively encourage smart development. Ensuring sufficient parks & schools, adequate landscaping and creating underground parking where possible are all things that smart development considers. Additionally, infrastructure such as roads must keep pace with development. 

I am committed to meeting with developers and maintaining a relationship that serves to benefit existing and future residents of Innes Ward.

Community Consultations

This is your community – you deserve to have your say. The key to a vibrant and liveable community is input from residents. As Councillor, I will ensure that residents are consulted throughout the decision making process. 

I am committed to hearing what you have to say on issues that benefit from community input such as city services, development and parks.

The Realignment of Brian Coburn

High traffic volume is a concern for residents in Innes Ward. For example, close to 70% of vehicles travelling along Renaud Rd. go south and with the news of Amazon coming to Boundary Rd, an efficient east/south corridor is needed. I support extending Brian Coburn Blvd from Navan Rd to Renaud Rd at the western 90 degree turn, with a parallel bus rapid transit corridor. This option, known as “Option 7” is the only one that will keep traffic out of Bradley Estates and help commuters reach their destinations quickly and efficiently. 

I am committed to ensuring that the Brian Coburn extension achieves the best outcome for the residents of Bradley Estates, Trailsedge, Chapel Hill South and all Innes Ward commuters.

LRT - Stage 2

Stage 1 LRT is coming to Blair station in the Fall of 2018. In 2022, Stage 2 LRT will bring five stations to Orléans.  In consultation with residents and OC Transpo, I will work to determine smarter transit routes that will give Innes Ward residents practical access to LRT. 

I will make sure that Innes Ward is not forgotten.

Neighbourhood Traffic Calming

Speeding motorists have no place on our residential streets. Each councillor is allotted $40,000 annually to spend on temporary traffic calming measures which includes speed display boards, flex stakes and pavement markings. As Councillor, I will make sure these measures are placed in the best suited locations, throughout Innes Ward. In addition, I will ensure that proper consultation with residents takes place before the implementation of permanent measures such as speed bumps, medians and road narrowings. 

I will further request that more police enforcement is made available for streets in Innes Ward to send a clear message that speeding and aggressive driving will not be tolerated.

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